Thursday, January 28, 2016

Our Family Fun Saturday Adventure

This Saturday Family Fun Adventure took us to 2 places :)

I knew the weather was going to be nice and it was going to cool down quite a bit, so a picnic was a must.

I was organizing my disaster of a desk and found a ziploc full of Chuck E Cheese coins that I had forgotten we even had- oops.  I decided to surprise the boys with a trip to this kids video game paradise.  They spent all their coins and had a blast.  I think they got around 120 tickets.  Little Michael wanted a basketball that was 400 tickets- yikes.  The young lady behind the counter was so sweet and no only gave little Michael the basketball but a lot of other stuff way beyond their ticket total.  It totally made their day.  So thank you Chuck E Cheese employee :)

If Nathan's driving skills come even close to his video game driving, I think I am going to let daddy teach him how to drive.  I can't believe he will be eligible to get his learner's in 4 years- yikes.  But he did come in 2nd place in the game :)

After we left this magical video game palace, we drove over to Lake Regional Park for our must have picnic.  I totally forgot about the Medieval Faire that was going on.  Parking was packed but FREE :)  Got to love FREE Parking :)

We ate our lovely picnic lunch and headed over to the huge playground.  After play time, we walked around, saw some interesting wild life and the adults got some much needed exercise :)

I am so glad we got out of the house and went out for our Saturday Family Fun Adventure.  After this day, the weather got rainy, windy and CCCCold.  But I will take that any day over snow :)

I can't wait to see where our next Family Fun Adventure takes us :)

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