Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Our Shopping Day~ 11/14/2015

Saturday was a super Saturday for us.  We started out going over to Lowe's for their Build & Grow Clinic.  We then came home, got Chris, took him to work, came home, ate lunch and then headed out for a fun filled afternoon at Imaginarium :)  After all the fun, Michael and I headed out for our own super fun shopping adventure :)  We must have had so much fun on our last shopping adventure because he volunteered to go with me this time :)

Here are our shopping trip details:

Save A Lot
$0.88- Green Beans
$2.00- Bread
$1.00- Lemons
$8.33- Ham
$1.53- Zuchinni
$13.74- Total

$1.98- Mushrooms
$0.74- Cucumbers
$1.00- Bananas
$2.97- Cashew Milk
$1.98- Frozen veggies
$2.48- Creamer
$2.76- Tortillas
$0.94- Onion
$1.62- Brown Sugar
$16.47- Total

$4.99- Daiya Cheese
$4.99- Daiya Cheese
$3.99- Vegan Cream Cheese
$7.58- Turkey
$10.37- Turkey
$31.92- Total

Sam's Club
$2.38- Lettuce
$4.98- Grapes
$16.48- Paper Towels
$6.98- Apples
$4.98- Milk
-2.00 Paper Towels cpn
-1.50 Apples cpn
$33.29- Total with tax

This shopping trip has been added to our November Monthly Spending post, where I keep track of what we spend for the month of November.

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