Thursday, September 17, 2015

Saturday Family Fun Adventure

These field trip passes are awesome :)  They are working great for us.  The boys are doing their school work super nicely and doing other things around the house just to get an extra field trip pass :)

This Family Fun Adventure took us to the Naples Zoo :)  We had trying going before but a rain storm prevented that from happening.

This time the sun was shining bright.  We packed a lunch and headed out.

The Naples Zoo is so cool.  There are a lot of different animals, cool animal shows and even a primate "cruise".  They take you by boat out to their primate island so you can get a closer view of all the different monkeys they have as well as learn some interesting facts about them :)  The younger boys, of course loved the playground.  That is until a lightening warning sounded.  We decided that that was a good time to leave.  We will have to come back later for all of the Meet the Zoo Keeper shows we missed.

Here are some pictures of our time at the Naples Zoo:
Really big and long snake
Super cute Lemurs
Meet the Zoo Keeper for the Tigers Q&A

Hedgehog~ part of the animal show
Three toed Sloth~ part of the animal show
Ocelot~ part of the animal show
Beautiful Macaw greets you as you enter the zoo
We had lots of fun and because we got a super amazing deal for a yearly pass (it was cheaper for us to get a yearly pass than 1 day tickets), we can go back to see all the shows we missed and play on the playground longer :)

I can't wait to see where our next Saturday Family Fun Adventure takes us :)

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