Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Our 3 Day Shopping Adventure :)

3 days of grocery shopping- oh boy.  I didn't plan to go grocery shopping for 3 days, it is just how it worked out.

On Friday, Nathan and I realized that we had a fruit emergency.  There was no more~ we had eaten it all :(  Friday was Christopher's last opening shift.  I had him meet me at Publix when he got off from work.  I only intended on running in real quick to grab some fruit but noticed they had other things on BOGO sale that was on my list, so why not pick up while I was there :)

On Saturday, we were taking the boys to Toys R Us and Gamestop.  They had birthday gift cards that needed to be spent.  After coming home and eating lunch, we ran out to Aldi's.  By the time we got home, it was too late to hit the other 4 stores.

Sunday, after church we ran to Sam's Club, Save A Lot, came home and had lunch.  Then Christopher and I ran out to Dollar Tree and Walmart.  And then we were done :)

Here are our shopping trip details:

Sam's Club
$2.34- Milk

Save A Lot
$4.23- Grapes

Dollar Tree
$4.00- Soap Refill X4
$1.00- Coffee filters
$5.30- Total

$2.79- Pineapple Juice
$0.99- Soda for pizza night :)
$0.99- Soda
-0.99- Soda BOGO
$3.56- Watermelon Chunks
$3.56- Watermelon Chunks
-3.56- BOGO Watermelon
$3.96- Grapes
$3.99- Hummus
$3.99- Hummus
-3.99- BOGO Hummus
$10.14- WW Pasta X6
-5.07- BOGO Pasta
$18.36- Cat Food
-9.18- BOGO Cat Food
$30.16- Total

$2.97- Pineapple Chunks Frozen
$4.32- PB2
$2.36- Avocado X2
$2.33- Bananas
$6.97- Ice Cream
$2.74- Ground Sausage
$3.33- Lysol toilet cleaner twin pack
$1.94- Spic & Span X2
$27.28- Total

$9.16- Almond Milk X4
$2.79- Dishwasher gel
$1.59- Garlic Bread
$4.38- Pepperoni X2
$3.98- Soft taco shells X2
$2.79- Lemons
$7.14- Soup
$2.08- Bananas
$0.99- Garlic Powder
$2.98- Flour
$2.19- Creamer
$1.79- Spinach
$3.16- Eggs X4
$1.49- Plantain Chips
$2.36- Toilet Paper X4
$1.49- Cream Cheese
$1.69- Swiss Cheese
$3.98- Blueberries
$6.76- Mozz Cheese block X4
$3.38- Cheddar Cheese block X2
$4.58- Strawberries X2
$1.79- Chocolate Chips
$3.18- Bagels X2
$3.98- Zuchinni
$0.99- Corn on cob
$1.49- Pretzel Slims
$4.69- Coffee
$1.19- Tortilla Chips
$0.99- Crackers
$3.58- Jalapeno chips X2
$0.99- Oyster crackers
$1.00- Hamburger buns X4
$2.69- Peanut Butter
$3.40- Bread
$101.08- Total

This shopping trip has been added to our September Monthly Spending post, where I keep track of what we spend for the month of September.

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