Thursday, December 1, 2016

No Spendvember Weeks 3 & 4 Update

With Thanksgiving being last week, I didn't get chance to post our week 3 update.

How is everyone doing with your No Spend November?

We were on a roll and doing so well.  Week 1 and 2 we did great.  We even were on a roll with Week 3.  Week 4 not so much :(  But we have a good reason as to why we needed to pause our No Spend Month.

Here is what we did over the weekend of our No Spendvember Week 3:

-We finally got the carpets cleaned in the master bedroom and boys room- there is something about my toes on freshly cleaned carpets :)
-Packed our Operation Christmas Child boxes for church

-Went to Toys R Us for their Nexo Knights Make & Take
-Enjoyed outside time
-Went to church
-Went to Toys R Us for their Pokemon Event
-Went outside and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air
-Went grocery shopping

Somewhere along Week 4- our no spend November came to a screeching halt.  My hubby has a business meeting out of state.  It came up last minute that we all go up north and while hubby is at his meeting, the boys and I can stay and catch up with family.  YAY for visiting family.

Until we realized that we will be up north in December.  Oh no it is cold in December up north.  We have gotten so used to Florida that we have no winter clothes.  So we spent Week 4 visiting every thrift store we came across looking for winter clothes.  Hubby and I each had $10 from Kohls to spend at their Black Friday event.  We got heavy jackets and sweats for the boys at Kohls.  Thankfully, we ended up getting jeans, sweatshirts and cold weather jammies :)  So we are set for our up north cold weather adventure :)

So you see for good reason, we decided to pause our No Spendvember.  Plus our no spend month got off to a rocky start with crazy van repair bills :(

Maybe after all the traveling and holiday craziness wears off, we will revisit the No Spend Month idea :)

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